Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Welcome to Sparks!

Dear Church Family-

We are putting our heads together on how we can stay connected despite our physical distance in this uncertain time. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to share "sparks"--little flickers of light and hope every few days directly from our First Lutheran Family.

What we'd like from you is to email the church (flchurchamery@yahoo.com) with a favorite Bible verse or devotion (one you've found or one you've created) and why it gives you hope or how you find it meaningful. Then, once we have compiled a bunch of these "sparks", will share them with the rest of our church family in the coming weeks. We'd love to share who these sparks came from, but if you prefer to be anonymous we will certainly respect that. You can certainly submit more than one spark! We'd love as many as possible.

We will post these sparks on our social media, website blog, and app. We've actually created a notification group called "Sparks" in our app; go into your app settings and turn the toggle switch on for that group (more detailed instructions can be found here). That way we can send sparks straight to your phone via our app!

(If you ever need help with operating our app, please contact us!)

Be the light,
Liz, Karen, & Pr. Tim


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